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bugstatus-completed See the most recent Stack Overflow election, for example. It says, "These are your new moderators", but... who are they exactly? This image makes it seem like codeMagic was a new moderator, when in fact that's not the case as can be seen at


Great design and great idea. I don't know whether many people still look at this, but I discovered it today and if it was advertized and used more. Some suggestions for Stackathlons: Quantitive Finance and Economics. This one has suprisingly few, while the disciplines are quite closely related. I tried to add another one, but then it gives probably zero ...


Here's a bug: When you enter a site, we can do meta.stackexchange. However, entering breaks EVERYTHING! Yes, everything. Please fix this.


feature-request Update the list of Noteworthy Badges so that it includes all the badges that the Candidate Score uses for tabulating the score. This will then make it easier to see the specific gaps in their badge earning, and therefore activity on the site.


feature-request Could you please also display the candidate score and add a Sort by: candidate score button? You could receive the data e.g. from there:


bug feature-request Please support badges in other languages. In the recent election on Russian SO, it looks like nobody has any of the badges. However, that is not strictly true. Indeed, they do not have the Deputy badge, but they do have the Участковый badge, so Deputy should be marked.

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