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For now, as we have only ~80 sites, you can set pagesize to 100 and get them all. But in general, I think pagination here makes no sense at all. Because there're no search parameters or ordering, I can't think of a situation where app can fetch only first page and be satisfied. Would it be possible to provide a way to search the list instead? I would ...


Are you by any chance using POST? For 1.0 this works. But not for 1.1 (though GET works fine for both 1.0 and 1.1). (I have no idea if it should work though.)


Take a look at http://api.stackoverflow.com/1.1/usage/enumerations ; which is now linked from the front page of the documentation as well. Its very simplistic, but one of the nice behind the scenes changes in 1.1 was making it a lot easier for me to update the documentation. Expect some better documentation on returned values in the not incredibly distance ...


Yes, explicitly working around the quota system would be considered abuse. Simply shipping an application that makes requests against both V1.x and V2.0 isn't, though I wouldn't encourage it (outside of the narrow case of moving an existing V1.x app onto V2.0 over multiple releases). Also, remember that V1.x's days are numbered. Once we're confident in ...


Pagination on /sites is solely so [app]s don't have to pull down any unknown, large, and constantly growing chunk of a data in a single request. It is expected that every consumer would grab all sites in a series of sequential (or concurrent, if they're comfortable with that) requests for each page.

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