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The API does not provide any method to determine a user's email address and it is unlikely to do so in the future. This would be a risk to both the user's privacy and his/her trust in Stack Exchange. And, a pressing need for this information has yet to be demonstrated, regarding the API. Note that Stack Exchange refuses to even provide the user's email hash ...


Use the /users/{ids} route to get account_id. Then pass the account_id to /users/{ids}/associated. Note that account_id is exactly the kind of information that should be heavily cached by your script/app. (Hint, hint; wink, wink; nudge, nudge. (^_^) ) For example: /2.2/users/10349?site=superuser&filter=!T6o*9deY.2ZD3-(n4f Returns: { ...


Until the feature request is approved, you can get this number in one of 3 ways: You can get slightly stale data with this SEDE query. Note that it uses your Stack Exchange account number (4337810 for the OP) -- which you can get by clicking on the "Accounts" listing of any profile page. Or, You can make a boatload of API calls to get the current ...


You can't as of now. It doesn't exist in the API. Here's a feature request I made - please upvote that for higher chances of getting this added! :)

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