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This is a bug. The timeline path seems to have several problems. More on these below. The earlier date query returns the result you expect, but look at it in the document explorer: Notice that the entry is a comment and that it has an Owning post. Now if we look at the whole timeline (filtering out some user cruft), we see: Just two revision entries ...


I've made a small updated fork, which is simpler. It adds only the timeline link. And it works today. And I will most likely maintain it (while I use any SEN site): // ==UserScript== // @name StackExchange Timeline Links // @namespace stackoverflow // @description Add a timeline link to current question in the Stack Exchange Network // ...


This was fixed in the latest deploy. The bug was basically selecting the wrong date to display (in this case, an associated post), and the right date for filtering and what not. Since not all badges are associated with a post, not all displayed dates were set and when they were set they were off by some (basically random) amount.


It is something of a historical accident that this method returns markdown, however it has become too dangerous to change it. Consider it status-bydesign for 1.0 and 1.1.


Voting data will never be exposed (as a stream anyway) with great accuracy, as its too easy to correlate it with user activity*. Easier streaming of site updates (questions, answers, comments, edits, etc.) is something I'm considering for the next version, though. *Provided some minimum amount of traffic to the site, anonymity is more or less ...


You shouldn't be making more than 4 requests in this case. fetch a page of /users/{ids}/timeline group the ids by type (question, answers, comments) since the max pagesize fo users/{ids}/timeline is 100, we know there are < 100 of each id* make 1 query each with the appropriate ids to /questions/{ids}, /answers/{ids}, and /comments/{ids} This is the ...


It is more or less redundant. I'd have to dig back into source control to find exactly why, but I vaguely remember action and timeline_type diverging late in 1.0 beta. Expect that route to get some tweaks (more-so perhaps than the typical method) in the 2.0 time frame.

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