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This should be fixed as of the latest build. Default tag wikis are a bit special behind the scenes, and the API simply wasn't looking for them at all.


Well technically it already says "Most methods" so it's correct as written. But I agree, it's easy to miss that note. After the next build there will be another sentence mentioning that some methods have lower limits and their individual documentation pages will call them out (as they already do). Should be harder to miss that way.


If you visit: ... you're redirected to that URL. If you don't mind the redirect, you might just be able to get around it that way. As far as I know, there's no documentation about when you can specify a name versus when you must specify an ID number, and I know of no API route that returns the ID numbers. ...


Tag wikis, their editing, and the promotion there of are still being actively developed (after something of a lull). I didn't think it appropriate to expose suggested edits w.r.t. tag wikis at this time accordingly, this will be revisited in the next API revision.

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