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Of course as soon as I finally break down and ask a question I see my mistake: Applications that have the client side flow enabled can use https://stackexchange.com/oauth/login_success as their redirect_uri by default. I had "Desktop OAuth Redirect Uri" disabled which the javascript SDK uses. (Note the url posted in the question) Leaving this up here in ...


I don't believe that that route accepts POST requests (as it's non-actionable), so you should have better luck sending a GET request instead. Routes that require auth tokens necessitate HTTPS, but still expect GET for read requests, and POST for writes.


Make sure that you have coded all the bits that you can do first. This ensures that any request for help is genuine. If the project idea is any good, you should find that, although you can't get what you want, you can get what you need. Have you tried Microsoft's CodePlex. From here you can create a 'publishable', and also advertise (for free) job ...

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