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You are probably having this error because of throttles (most likely per-method throttles) that are used to prevent abusive usage. Have a look at related documentation page in order to learn more about throttles. Normally you should wait for a specified period which is returned in the backoff field of the previous response.


Quoting from a comment of @BrockAdams to one of my answers, the preview parameter is used for development and testing purposes. If you set it to true, your request will only simulate whether it is a valid request or not and will not change anything on the site.


In order to get 50 questions for every request you need to pass pagesize parameter to your request URL. When you pass this parameter, you will need to pass page parameter to fetch the following pages. In order to exclude some attributes from the default set, you can use the "Try It" part of the documentation to create a filter for your specific purpose. ...


The answer to this question is the same to your other question about preview parameter. As @BrockAdams mentioned in a comment to one of my questions previously, you need to set preview parameter to true while testing write API calls. Please check the other answer for more information.

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