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You don't explicitly need permission, but you must follow certain rules and legal requirements. Refer to Jeff Atwood ♦'s answer to "Etiquette of Screen-scraping Stack Overflow?": We regularly block (IP range ban) unknown scrapers that do not identify themselves and/or have poor behavior patterns. These bans are permanent until someone emails us to make ...


You need to pass in a sufficiently large pagesize value, per the documentation: The pagesize parameter for this method is unbounded, in acknowledgement that for many applications repeatedly fetching from /sites would complicate start-up tasks needlessly. Otherwise you'll only get 30 results, the default value for pagesize. Alternatively, you can page ...


Nope. Neither the user_timeline object, nor the user object return any flagging information, at all. (as of API version 2.2). The question, answer, and comment objects can return a can_flag boolean, but this does not necessarily indicate that the user has already flagged, and it returns false for a variety of reasons. Flagging history is especially ...


Since now 1.1 is deprecated the following url is to be used to get the reputation score: /2.2/users/{id}?order=desc&sort=reputation&site=stackoverflow See the docs for /users/{ids}/reputation.


No, you cannot do this anymore via the API. API self-documentation was intentionally dropped after API version 1.1. Your only recourse is to scrape the doc pages at api.stackexchange.com/docs.


template.user.js // ==UserScript== // @name Stack Exchange Userscript (Template) // @grant none // @match *://*.stackexchange.com/* // @match *://*.stackoverflow.com/* // @match *://*.superuser.com/* // @match *://*.serverfault.com/* // @match *://*.askububtu.com/* // @match *://*.stackapps.com/* // @match *://*.mathoverflow.net/* // ==/UserScript== var ...

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