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Now, I can confirm that changing my IP Address reset rate-limit to 10000 back. So, 10k limit is per IP Address, not globally.


Sorry about that, I had completely forgot I disabled Gzip compression in Firefox due to a misbehaving site a few months ago. This does explain why some JSON preview apps show garbage instead of actual JSON: They don't handle Gzip compression.


api is back up while will throw 404 as intended


You shouldn't get prompted when acquiring an access token if you've previously authorized the app and have not explicitly removed it. That is by design. I can't reproduce access tokens remaining valid after removing the app, though there is a natural race there. It's entirely possible that an access token will remain valid for a small period after ...


/questions and /questions/unanswered are returning different sets of questions, which both are both functioning properly as far as I can tell. Of the various functions in the API, those two have seen some of the most tweaking since we went into public beta; so it wouldn't surprise me if they were broken at some point. They're [status-norepo] now though.


Do you aware that unanswered questions in stackoverflow means no upvoted answers, right? The query looks fine for me.


This was probably related to /sites acting up yesterday, can't reproduce today.


My results from this page: (being sure to wait 30 sec. between tests) Rate: Failure point: _________________________________________ 30 req. / 5 sec. Page 32 30 req. / 5.5 sec. Page 32 30 req. / 6 sec. Page 31 30 req. / 6.5 sec. Page 31 30 req. / 7 sec. Page 31 I also was careful on the last one to make ...

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