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feature-request Very nice comments thread. Could it be made to display threads 1 deep (like Stack Apps basically does), and maintain the chronological order of the original comments? For example (imagine dates where appropriate): I love it! One small request: can you please add a button to undo the rearrangement? Sometimes it's easier to see the comments ...


The following performs better: @match is much less resource intensive than regex includes. Not all platforms support regex includes. Run at doc start so that don't have to wait for most of the page to load before redirecting. Use location.replace so that browser history is not filled with junk pages and back button works as expected. All SE sites are ...


feature-request status-completed v1.4.0 Not matching HTTPS protocol requests. Simply change http://... to *://... in the @match annotations.


I'd like to report a bug. I think I pointed that out already earlier, but since we are at version 3 now I thought I give it another try. (I have no idea about scripting this in the first place.) Buttons and preview disappear when running the script. Here is a screenshot to illustrate the problem: I am running it on Windows 7, Chrome 41.something with ...

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