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We (myself and Kyle), with graphical help from Nathan, developed an automatically generated image that pulls in the number of bounties, the total bounty rep value, and displays that in an image. It is part of the Ask Different Community Ads, and we're pretty proud of it. Thanks for developing Serel, it made the heavy lifting of StackExchange's API ...


Interesting idea. It would be interesting to be able to compare languages over time, similar to http://langpop.com/ You could also display the top (10) tags per day/week/month. A search form for checking arbitrary tags would be nice too - you only link to a very small few. Bonus points for autocomplete.


Rubyoverflow dev here, I've been rewriting it recently. I'm actually going to be redoing it again now, seeing that the 2.0 beta is out.


Although I don't use Ruby (and consequently have not used the two libraries you've mentioned), I'm going to guess that the problem is that you aren't specifying a filter that includes body. By default, post body is not included in the JSON returned by API methods and must explicitly be requested by creating a filter that includes it. The withbody filter, ...


You might also want to use Hashie. One of the best twitter clients for ruby uses it, and the resulting interface is very clean and easy to use. I've wrapped over Delicious rss api with it in less than 60 lines.


Its funny how some of the rubyoverflow's sourcecode is incredibly similar to pilha. http://github.com/phsr/rubyoverflow/blob/master/lib/rubyoverflow.rb http://github.com/dlt/pilha/blob/master/lib/pilha.rb Why not send pull requests to pilha instead of making your own version of it?


An API would be cool

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