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First of all, I like your script; it's nice and concise! Just two small observations: It's incompatible with Google Chrome (unless Tampermonkey is installed) - due to the @require statement, requiring jQuery. You could rewrite the small bits of jQuery into vanilla JS to easily overcome this. When the review queues look like this: Close Votes: 52.2k ...


From my personal observation and from the occasional SE dev statement, many items update every 60 seconds (cached at server). Also the page AJAX updates every 60 seconds. (using JS like: setInterval(updateRelativeDates, 60000);) So, per sampling theory, sampling more than once every 30 seconds gives diminishing returns. Personally, I would just reload ...


feature-request Don't display queues the user doesn't have access to. feature-request Add the topbar-dialog class to #userscript-dropdown, so it gets a shadow. feature-request Emphasize the queue name and number of items in it, as they are more important than "item(s) to review". bug This site isn't in the list of @includes.

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