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I think this is not specific to Stack Apps, All the reputation graph on Trilogy site don't show bonus points. For your case, 100 is from Account Associations, 4000 is from Api Evangelist badge bonus point. But I hope they could add those bonus info to reputation-graph as well.


Obviously this would best be answered by the one(s) in charge of the API design, but here is my analysis: The two reputation datasets are shaped quite differently indeed and this does matter in various ways - as such I expect this to be more or less status-bydesign: Dataset shape The reputation audit is composed of individual reputation change events at ...


If you don't mind doing this interactively, you could simply get your rep dump and parse it out. This is obviously keyed to your cookie, so, as i said, it would have to be an interactive process. Caveat: this code will do what you want, but I don't think the data coming from the api is usable right now.... You certainly could use the api to do something ...

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