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Hey Simon. Interesting idea but, in my opinion, given the vast array of topics, for something like this to be engaging you will need to provide a tag selector at the least. Maintaining a local index of tags, updated daily perhaps, to feed a work-alike tag selector as available on SE sites would be my next step.


I'd love it to bring up x questions. Is that possible?


You can implement this yourself pretty easily. A random date range, with todate & fromdate on /questions, will work fine. Basically, pick a random question (via page) from a random hour/day/week/month/whatever.


I suggest giving a list of 10/15/20 questions instead of redirecting. Now I click "Go", wait until the question is loaded and if its not satisfactory I need to go back, click "Go", ... Quite a lengthy process (about 5-6 s). If submitting just gave me a list of 10/15/20 question, I could read the titles first, open the questions I'm interested in in new ...


Why can't you call the /questions method and just pick a random question from a random page?


It seems that the HTML entities are escaped, in the results. Can this be fixed?

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