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Yes, you can use a local environment to develop. For example, this answer contains a complete start to authenticating an HTML+javascript app. All it requires is for you to run XAMPP (or similar server) on your local machine. If you don't need authorization, you can even host your app on one of the free services. For example, this single-web-page app ...


Yes, calls to /access-tokens/{accessTokens} use API quota. You can see that by repeatedly running /2.2/access-tokens/XBWL0stf*YIOCl7WpJHqYA)) for example. With each call, the quota_remaining value will decrease. However, there is no reason that the token check has to use the same key as your main app. The token check and your main app would then use ...


Remove the protocol and it should work. On my localhost, I am testing OAuth on a random port and it works fine, while the App setting for redirect_uri is just localhost.


never mind, I found the answer, http://stackapps.com/apps/oauth/

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