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Yes, I always get 86399 too. And, no, you can't specify an interval other than no_expiry. But you can call /access-tokens/{accessTokens}/invalidateDoc at whatever interval you wish. So, for less user annoyance, set no_expiry but then call /invalidate every, say, 8 days, for example.


Yes, each time you invoke you will get a fresh access token, even though old ones may still be valid. For example: Go to /me/inboxLivedoc and hit Get Token twice, recording the token value each time (It will always be different). Then go to /access-tokens/{accessTokens}Livedoc and check each token. They will both still be valid! (...


Yes, it can be annoying that the API docs, the javascript SDK, and the settings pages use the terms: "Explicit" "Implicit" "Server side" "Client side" a little interchangeably. (The first 2 are roughly synonymous with the last two.) From the javascript SDK docs: Your application must have the client side OAuth flow enabled, and must not have the ...

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