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Of course as soon as I finally break down and ask a question I see my mistake: Applications that have the client side flow enabled can use as their redirect_uri by default. I had "Desktop OAuth Redirect Uri" disabled which the javascript SDK uses. (Note the url posted in the question) Leaving this up here in ...


Yes, I always get 86399 too. And, no, you can't specify an interval other than no_expiry. But you can call /access-tokens/{accessTokens}/invalidateDoc at whatever interval you wish. So, for less user annoyance, set no_expiry but then call /invalidate every, say, 8 days, for example.


Yes, it can be annoying that the API docs, the javascript SDK, and the settings pages use the terms: "Explicit" "Implicit" "Server side" "Client side" a little interchangeably. (The first 2 are roughly synonymous with the last two.) From the javascript SDK docs: Your application must have the client side OAuth flow enabled, and must not have the ...

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