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Why not use this to add the button? It preserves the integrity of other buttons, and ensures that a button does not get added twice (for example, when in the review section, it will only add the buttons to the editors which don't have it. //params: text: text of button //params: callback: a function which takes id of textarea as argument(useful in review ...


Stack Exchange's markdown is just a variation of standard Markdown, so the MultiMarkdown editor may be enough of what you want. Other options: MarkdownPad - a "fully featured Markdown editor with live preview". Developed by a SO aficionado. Emacs Markdown Mode - a plugin for the common programming editor. See, also, "Are there any text editors which are ...


It is something of a historical accident that this method returns markdown, however it has become too dangerous to change it. Consider it status-bydesign for 1.0 and 1.1.


I've added a fix to point 3 over here (it's forked) It deals with <kbd>[selected text]</kbd> and [<kbd>text</kbd>], where the [] denotes selection. It will not deal with wierd stuff like <kb[d>text</kbd>]. (Could be done using regexes)

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