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A library should take an app key, not have an app key. Don't register it. Also, make absolutely sure your wrapper demands an app key at initialization. You don't want a user locked into the No Key request limit erroneously. If libraries had keys an application abusively using your library (through no fault of yours) could get every application that uses ...


Here is my entry. It basically allows you to embed the open-source ads from Meta in your blog, etc. It is simply a .js file you can include on the page. My evaluation: Soapi.js is a very intuitive library for JavaScript. And by that, I mean the methods are laid out in a way that you would expect them to be. The whole thing is relatively self-documenting ...


No need, the "apps" tag pulls anything tagged "app" or "library" already. Alternately, just click library and browse all the libraries. (sorry, this change has been in for a while, we just hadn't deployed.)


As Jeff mentioned in the comment of my other answer, this information would be best put elsewhere... so... I have set up a MediaWiki installation for this here: http://stackoverflow.quickmediasolutions.com/wiki/


Honestly, I don't think it is a big enough deal to warrant all of this attention. I don't see why posting code samples should be Community Wiki, but if a Moderator believes that they should be, then that's fine. It was getting a bit annoying to see C# code samples posted all over the active question's page. I think a few is ok, but in my opinion, it was ...


StackOverflow.Net uses the technique you described of having the API calls return the object or list of objects you are interested in. For example, GetQuestions() returns a list of Question objects. So if you like to read C# check it out.

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