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We strongly believe in the value of an open platform and encouraging the healthy growth of our ecosystem. As part of that, it's important for users to be able to trust Stack Overflow and not be confused about our relationship with the many people and organizations who want to use one of our logos or trademarks. If you’d like to make any use of our marks ...


Refer to our legal section on Trademarks. Design of Your Product Do design your product with unique branding and logos. Do feel free to use names or logos for the purpose of labeling our sites within your product, as long as use of such logos could not be confused with the branding or endorsement of the product itself. Do not copy the look and feel of ...


Stack Mob Mob Overflow Mobile Overflow Mob Flow Mobile Flow Overflobile Overmobile (aren't we all?) SO Mobile (yes, with the italics :) ) Short Stack MoFlow ...and those are just the ones playing off of Stack, *Overflow,* and Mobile. There's gold in the creative hills once you've escaped the constraints of the obvious. Edit: (more) Stack to Go GOTO ...


I would suggest: StackOverMobile


Have a look to Trademark guidance. Design of Your Product Do not copy the look and feel of our products. and quoting Joel answering a previous question: Just be reasonable. Trademark law is based on the principle of not confusing "the reasonable person" as to the origin of goods and services. So, i don't think it is a good ...


Of course you all know that I am not affiliated with SO in anyway and have no authority to make any statements regarding any trademark legalities. With that said, let me go ahead and say something anyway. Joel has stated, in other questions regarding trademarks Should we add a “this site is not affiliated to Stack Overflow..” disclaimer to our website - ...


Commercial use of the API is permitted. If you're just displaying content on a website, you should follow our attribution requirements. If you have questions about a more specific use case, feel free to contact us.


As long as the content is properly attributed you are free to use it as you like. as per Robert, a visible, not necessarily prominent, attribution of the content source, e.g. the site, and the poster. I believe this includes hyperlinks to both.

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