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Any chance for this to be packaged as a WordPress plugin/widget?


Using More Than One Site Per Page See Maxim Z's original question here. The StackTack plugin doesn't need to select the entire document to work, you can feed it any selection you like. $('div').stacktack(); The only requirement for an element to become a Tack is to have a valid StackTack ID. This affords you the ability to isolate Tacks to a certain ...


Posting On Tumblr I have recently updated the StackTack plugin to allow class-based Stack IDs to be used in situations where IDs can't be added to your html. This makes it possible to post Tacks on Tumblr now because classes are not sanitized from html posts on their service. Customize Your Theme Log into Tumblr and go to your dashboard. On the right, ...


Thanks for the help, S.Mark. Here's the answer: http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/xhr.html You must register the API in your manifest.json file under permissions: ... "permissions": ["http://api.stackoverflow.com/"], ... }


I think that we should be able to specify the API endpoint/site inside per-question options. Currently, the site can only be specified in global options. This means that all questions have to be from one Stack Exchange site. I think it'd be better if it would be possible to set a global site and then be able to set a per-question site that overrides the ...


Response capability It would be nice if this app did not only show the Stack activites but gave a chance to respond them.


I've been asked to post my use of this app publicly so here it is: http://blog.tonywilliams.me.uk/clickonce-manifest-problem-with-net-4/ Must say it's a pretty good app that I plan on using a lot more.


Tacks in Modal Dialogs This is an example of how to add a Tack to a modal dialog using JQueryUI's dialog widget. <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" ...


Experimenting with StackTack on JSBin If you'd like to experiment with StackTack but don't want to install it on your blog or website, then check out this live editable demo on JSBin. Just hit the Preview button to see it in action. Javascript $(document).ready(function() { $(document).stacktack(); });‚Äč HTML <!DOCTYPE html> <html> ...


Is not finding me on any site: farseeker, main account is on SF no 7709 Site Username Reputation Match? Stack Overflow User Not Found 0 true Server Fault User Not Found 0 true Super User User Not Found 0 true Stack Overflow Meta User Not Found 0 ...


Welcome to the wonderful world of cross domain scripting! We do support JSONP, to alleviate this. Just drop jsonp=myMostFavoriteMethod onto any request, and it'll be returned in a wrapper function invocation. See also.


Release notes Date Version Changes 3-10-2012 0.1.0 alpha 1 Initial version 4-10-2012 0.1.0 alpha 2 Changed regular expression @include to match all StackExchange sites 4-10-2012 0.1.0 alpha 3 Added mathoverflow.net to @include RegEx 11-10-2012 0.1.0 alpha 4 ...


This didn't work for me. I assumed it was just because i'm not very active, but it doesn't work for Jon Skeet either. This happens for me in all the browsers i've tried it with (Firefox, Opera, Arora (a webkit browser) and IE8). http://imm.io/MzJ


This is really a great app :) I liked it very much. Can it be possible to also pass the user-id as a parameter somewhere, so that the link to original question get's linked with the referrer and would help in Announcer and Booster badge. Update - Answer to my own question above Updating the a href to required link would do the job here. Check this post ...


It is impossible to fetch all of Stack Overflow's users in a single API call, or even in a single day (using just the API and one IP address). There are currently 1,995,355 users on Stack Overflow. Which means that you would need 19,954 API calls to get them all, but your maximum API quota is 10,000 calls per day. The smart thing to do is to have your app ...


Stackapps works nice by using jQuery 1.4. But when I upgrade jQuery to 1.6.x it fails to show the output and giving error: "Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [href=http://app.stacktack.com/stacktack.min.css]" Check it with http://nazmulweb.com/sof (Now there is no error as I have edited the js part) And the working one is here with jQuery 1.4.x ...


Feature Request: I think Stack Insight is marvelous! It is quite reminiscent of the extraordinary visualization work of Hans Rosling. My request is to allow the 2-step process to be a single step, i.e. I would like to bookmark my data page. Your site currently requires manually entering the user name since it is just calling a JavaScript function on the ...

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