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Regarding paged results: The API's handling of empty paged results seems inconsistent. Some methods return empty sets, some throw a 404. It is my opinion that an empty set should be returned for any result that is paged and a 404 should be returned when a specific, singular resource is not found (the number of these methods seems to be shrinking). Having ...


I think we should provide a JSON-Schema style description instead of or in addition to the current ?help syntax. This would make it much easier to consume, and comply to at least somewhat of a proposed standard.


Yes, stack​‌apps is different from any other StackExchange site in a variety of ways: Most "Questions" are meant to be announcement / product pages for scripts, apps, and libraries. To this end, note: Stack Apps has special tags: app, script, and library to facilitate posting tools that use the API and/or enhance Stack Exchange sites. These posts look ...


See the documentation for the /questions path and the question object spec. To get answers, merely use the /questions path with a filter that has answers enabled. To get the latest 30 questions, sort by activity, descending, and request only the first page with a page-size of 30. For example: /2.1/questions?page=1&pagesize=30&order=desc&sort=...


Documentation has been fixed.


Issues: The revisions routes' date keys diverge from the established naming convention. e.g. all other routes use todate and fromdate whereas the revisions use toDate and fromDate. Are keys case sensitive? If so, could this be addressed? I am building a wrapper and this single exception gives me a rash. for badges/name, name seems to be vestigal. ...

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