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status-completed Fixed in this build This is really borked on askubuntu: The bar position is broken. The vote button is broken. The post content moves to the left.


status-completed The buttons cover images in tags: You just can't see the tag or the image. Here's the tag.


status-completed The Change the 'share' link to show link as markdown format feature has the annoying side-effect that the replaced text in the form [text](link) is not selected when clicking the share link. It is pretty annoying to manually having to select the text - it would be better if the whole text was already selected, so I could copy it directly ...


status-deferred I'm using v1.4 and I noticed that the following features seem to clash somehow: Make the topbar fixed (stay at the top as you scroll) Make the vote buttons sticky The topbar stays at the top, that works fine, but when scrolling, the upvote button disappears under the topbar. See the following screenshot for an example: It would be ...

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