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Changelog I list what changed in each version here. Newest is on top. v1.1.0 (2014-10-12) Catch errors Fix a bug with logging objects Don't run if postMessage isn't supported v1.0.1 (2014-10-10) Log output in monospaced font Pad numbers in timestamps Only show the console when needed (i.e. after the first log) Add a link back to this question ...


Feature Request Please use a fixed-width font. Also, the alternating width of the time stamps due to the unpadded time values is pretty annoying. If that time stamp really needs to stay, then please pad the numbers so they don't move the text left and right.


I adapted the script to add an arrow before any <pre> that contains scrollbars, using the following function modified to account for horizontal and vertical scrollbars. Here's the script in action in some innocent code blocks that have lots of hidden stuff. GIF recorded before moving the arrows to the right. It only runs when viewing a question ...


I created another version of the script modifying: Shift + Enter submits the comment. Changed @includes for @matches using another domain pattern. Used another script injection technique. Tried to solve instances where the script would produce an error wrapping the block where the error occurs within a try{} catch(){}. Then I discovered that adding a ...

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