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Addons Stackprinter allows you to print directly from Stack Exchange sites using Greasemonkey script or an handy bookmarklet. Greasemonkey script adds a Printer-Friendly button to the question you are browsing (Firefox and Chrome both supported). Bookmarklet is useful if Greasemonkey is not an option and has the same effect of Printer-Friendly button, ...


status-completedI asked this as a question, but apparently the convention is to report bugs/feature requests in the announcement thread. It appears, that the MathJax extension mhchem is currently not enabled in the StackPrinter app. This is rather inconvenient for most of the questions and answers. It would therefore be nice if this feature ...


We've looked into this, and there's literally nothing different between api.drupal and api.stackoverflow. Without more to go on, we're forced to assume this is a GAE problem.


Here is a small script (stackprinter) which uses Stack Printer from the command-line: #!/bin/sh type wkhtmltopdf || { echo >&2 "wkhtmltopdf command is required. Aborting."; exit 1; } : ${1?"Usage: $0 (url)"} URL=$1 && shift HOST=$(echo $URL | egrep -o "([.[:alnum:]]*?)\.(com|net|org)" | head -c-5) QID=$(echo $URL | grep -o "\d.*/" | head -c-2)...

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