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Thee is now a wiki page on GitHub showing usage examples. I've committed the code and will be cleaning it up and commenting it soon. The features I had planned from the beginning are now fully implemented. Here's a list of features: Combined flair stats Single site support Html output Image output Exclude beta sites Better url support Themes I'll be ...


The site no more exists and so no more flair generation. I found se-flair useful.


Its really broken right now. I as @Basic mentioned auto-complete drop-down disappears after the first key press. And also after submitting I too got same exception System.Exception: Favicon file does not exist, see image attached. Please try to fix it as its really awesome idea.


Revision History 2014-02-01: Added file-extension style output selection (i.e., using .html, .js, or .png to select the output type) and made it the "default" way to use se-flair (in so far as it's the method described on the home page and given by the code generator—pre-existing paths are still valid). Under-the-hood templating changes. 2014-01-25: Fixed ...


Seems to be broken right now... When entering a username, the auto-complete drop-down with Gravatars disappears after the first key press. When submitting the form, I get YSOD System.Exception: Favicon file does not exist I think the idea is great but the UI could do with being a little more robust...

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