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BUG: this script desperately wants me to downvote, what to do? warning:troll answer.


In my opinion, the icon is too large at 24 x 24. Other Firefox toolbar icons are 16 x 16. I used the following CSS in my userChrome.css file to make it the correct size: .stackalert-button * { width: 24px !important; height: 16px !important; }


status-completed Can somebody please port this to Firefox? I would definitely appreciate it. FF Desktop Notification support:


It would be really nice if somebody could rewrite this as a Greasemonkey script using Desktop Notifications, so that I could use this with Firefox. In case that last part left you thinking that there's something wrong with me, take a look at this. :)


This is currently disabled on Firefox plug-in page: > ADD-ONS > Extensions > Swatch Are there issues with this 'by-passing' controls, or allowing extra privileges?


This seems to have worked so far great (on FF4b2) its got the mentions for my SO and SA. However I can't add my stackoverflow username, I can add my SO and SA username but not SO. I type in Jonathan and it doesn't come up with my avatar. Could you make it possible to type in the number ID directly, without having to search for usernames. You'd only need to ...

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