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Protip: when working with any API that returns JSON, install the JSONView Firefox Extension. By default, Firefox wants to download the application/json content type. This is not very helpful. JSONView changes the behavior so that you view the JSON in the browser, and additionally get syntax hi-lighting and expand/collapse.


Regarding paged results: The API's handling of empty paged results seems inconsistent. Some methods return empty sets, some throw a 404. It is my opinion that an empty set should be returned for any result that is paged and a 404 should be returned when a specific, singular resource is not found (the number of these methods seems to be shrinking). Having ...


Remember, you should only publicize your app if it can actually be used! I'm working on an idea for an app. In true "customer development" fashion, I'd like to publish the idea, with a screenshot of what it will look like, to see what kind of reaction it gets and what features people want it to have. It's not difficult to implement, but I'd rather ...



Another scenario to consider is testing. Granted tests shouldn't really be hitting the service that hard but I know for my library I have at least 50 integration test that when run all at once would it the /questions method with the same parameters many times in a minute. These requests are done anonymously (with no api key) so I am not sure if you treat ...


I have confirmed that a constant interval of 170 ms will run without error. // 30 per 5 sec = 6 per sec = interval 166.6 ms Soapi.RequestQueue.setInterval(170); Soapi.RouteFactory("api.meta.stackoverflow.com", apiKey) .Tags({ pagesize: 1 }) .getPagedResponse(); will run through all the tags on meta 1 at a time without issue. This is very ...


I think we should provide a JSON-Schema style description instead of or in addition to the current ?help syntax. This would make it much easier to consume, and comply to at least somewhat of a proposed standard.


A very low friction introduction to the API can be had with SOAPI-EXPLORE. It is always in sync with the current API and provides a documented interface for querying each route. It is a single file JavaScript application and requires no installation and may be right-click/saved or view source/saved and run locally if desired.


Historical Note StackList is no longer available - the features that made it an attractive supplement to listing your app here have found their way into Stack Apps itself. This answer remains for historical purposes. Don't forget to also publish your app on stacklist.quickmediasolutions.com (404 Not Found) The site is shaping into a nice ...


Obvious, but perhaps worth stating: An easy way for desktop apps to reduce API usage is to detect when the screensaver is active or the workstation is locked, and throttle or pause API calls. Use separate polling intervals for different types of data: you may need questions every minute, but can live with reputation updates every 5 minutes. Favor fewer API ...


Another good way to be conscientious to the API is think about timing. If your app has certain peaks hours, slow down on the calls after hours (If 75% of users are US, run at 1 call/min from 9-5, and 1 call/5 min the rest of the time) The same goes vice-versa. If your application isn't completely reliant on up-to-minute data during the day, slow down on the ...


Thank you! All of the new changes are welcome and I can't wait to start implementing some of them in my apps. I do have one question though: what happened to all of my apps? I had a thumbnail image set for all of them and it doesn't look like any of them are being displayed despite matching the requirements (144x119 in PNG format). Edit: This doesn't ...


Since we're approaching feature freeze on V2.0, I guess it's time to lay down some guidelines here. Henceforth on app, library, or script posts Comments should be used for general feedback feature requests "bite sized" bug reports (it's down, doesn't work on XP, etc.; anything that doesn't need much context or is trivial to reproduce) Answers should ...


I assume this means that the contest will end at that time? ...and the winner will be announced?


Thanks for wrapping that up (+1) - a couple of recent topics are missing though, so here are More Common Questions Why is there no stable sort order for /sites? See How to order /sites result in a user friendly way to use it in our apps. for comments, discussion and workarounds. Why is the site creation date not available? See Can we add a ...


Would running two servers with seperate IP addresses be allowed to exceed this limit providing neither exceeds 30 req. / 5 sec. on its own?


Another very useful tool when working with APIs is the Chrome app "Postman - REST Client". You can even make POST requests, save the requests you make and organize them into collections. Check it out here!


Chrome users, check out the Chrome extension JSONView for Chrome. It's an unofficial port of JSONView for Firefox.


I am not sure if it has fallen off the radar or if it is an honest oversight but we can't seem to get an explicit description of the throttling guidelines. Core issues like this are critical, especially for library developers, and care should be taken to be as explicit as necessary to clearly define the guidelines. Case in point: My lazy loading library ...


Issues: The revisions routes' date keys diverge from the established naming convention. e.g. all other routes use todate and fromdate whereas the revisions use toDate and fromDate. Are keys case sensitive? If so, could this be addressed? I am building a wrapper and this single exception gives me a rash. for badges/name, name seems to be vestigal. ...

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