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In my opinion, the icon is too large at 24 x 24. Other Firefox toolbar icons are 16 x 16. I used the following CSS in my userChrome.css file to make it the correct size: .stackalert-button * { width: 24px !important; height: 16px !important; }


I'm new to SEApps, and given the design of it, I apologize if bug reports are not supposed to be "Answers". Please let me know and I'll move it to the OP comments. That having been said, I just installed this extension, and have a problem. Why can't I manually specify an OpenID in the extension configuration? I don't use a common vendor, I have my own.


This is a very slick, awesome-looking extension with lots of potential. My main feature request would be for the ability to be notified of changes to any question (not just your own), the way that StackStalker does it. This would be great since it looks like StackStalker's author has lost interest in it and hasn't added support for arbitrary Stack Exchange ...


Two problems that I have: My display username is "Nomæd" with a unicode letter æ, but it appears as �� instead. I have 6 associated accounts, and the main one is http://atheism.stackexchange.com/ but I can't make it appear in my list of accounts in any way. Anyone has solutions, mainly for problem no. 2?


Well, the response has been underwhelming so far, but fortunately the powers that be decided to restore the voting tab on the profile page: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/130380/182796 So a client-side extension is no longer required.


Doesn't work in Linux. Yep, just as the title says, this extension is absolutely, 100% non-functioning on Linux. After installing, I clicked on its icon, signed in, and saw this success message: Congratulations, you've been successfully authenticated. Enjoy Stack Exchange Notifier! Stack Exchange Notifier authorized! ...but the icon still has ...


The escaping issue has been mentioned already, but I'd just like to accentuate it with a screenshot - As you can see, the HTML is actually being rendered. In the case of an HTML comment, the content is simply not displayed, but HTML content here is being showed as an un-ordered list item. Here is a link to the post from the screenshot.


I know you just posted this: I will be porting extension to not use app engine back-end due to some limitations. New versions of the extension will be making direct calls to Stack Exchange API right from your browser. Please do not expect new versions of the extension any time soon. Sorry. Currently, you may experience some issues using extension, ...

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