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I don't follow, for date times the most recent date is the largest date. Sample return by events { "event_type": "question_posted", "event_id": 9369546, "creation_date": 1329777738 }, { "event_type": "comment_posted", "event_id": 11832402, "creation_date": 1329777736 } 1329777738 => Mon, 20 Feb 2012 22:42:18 GMT 1329777736 => Mon, 20 Feb 2012 ...


The comments are more or less correct; caching applies to the /events endpoint just like every other method. This is by design for now. We have looked at differing caching policies for /events and /inbox/* routes, as the minute lag on those methods is a bit heavy handed; though we still need to protect ourselves from abusive requests.


There is currently no method to filter events by event_type. For now, just load all the events and filter through the event_type values afterwards. Since the /events route only covers the last 15 minutes, it will only take 2 to 10 pages to get all the unfiltered results on Stack Overflow (the busiest site). However, your options increase depending on ...

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