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Confirmed: http://stackauth.com/1.0/users/febfb878-3f6f-4215-9323-46d15d62ac7d/associated Edit: I discovered this affects StackCenter too. Some of my accounts show a funny blue picture because the email_hash isn't being passed along.


There is no app, exactly like that but two are pretty close (they don't have any annoying sounds). These both run on Windows + Linux platforms and provide desktop alerts for favorited/tracked tags. Check out: StackApplet: , built on the QT framework New Q!: , Uses the Chrome browser for its engine.


Well, one of mine comes close... Stack2RSS converts an API request to an RSS feed that you can subscribe to with an RSS reader. (You can also get daily emails with the contents of the feed.) The RSS feed for tagged questions looks like this: http://quickmediasolutions.com/stack2rss/{site}/questions?body=true&tagged={tag} An example that fetches ...

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