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bug It doesn't currently seem to recognise Gaming's new election correctly. It doesn't show up as an active election, but the Gaming option in the "Completed Elections" section actually does load the current election so it's sort of working - it makes it hard to find, and also means we can't access the previous election any more (at least, I can't find ...


feature-request The Stack Overflow election has just appeared, and they're missing an important badge. Deputy, at 500 flag weight, might not be considered 'noteworthy' but it's actually required in this case: For the Stack Overflow election, an eligible candidate for the election must have all of the following badges (note, this is not mechanically ...


bug The page seems to be breaking in Chrome for the stack overflow nominations with the following message "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined". It stops working after the step "Loading User Profile on main site". Looking at the code it would appear that line 607 is causing problems: userId = +post.find('.user-details ...


The "Noteworthy Badges" section appears to have a bug on the wordpress.stackexchange Moderator Candidate Statistics page. It may effect other elections as well, but I am not sure. Tom J. Nowell, Kaiser, and myself all have the "Strunk and White" badge but the badge is marked red on the elections page.


feature-request Please add Christianity to the list, elections there are already in primaries! See also MSO bug report here.


bugstatus-completed The http://stackoverflow.com/election isn't matched. In addition to: // @include http://stackoverflow.com/election/* it should list // @include http://stackoverflow.com/election


feature-requeststatus-completed (v1.1.0) Can the table be updated to show a cut-off line? Highlight the top 10 or put a (dotted?) line between the top 10 and the rest of the pack, to show who is going to go through without manually having to count.


feature-request It would be nice to see one's own or another user's profile analyzed in this manner. It could be used like a "Should I bother running?" self-check. Obviously there would be no candidate text shown for people who have not come forth but but I like the extra bit of data aggregation that seems like a supplement to the profile page... And even ...

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