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last_editor will be missing (empty) from the results when the last editor is a deleted user. This deleted user does not have to be the owner, or original poster, of a given question or answer. For example, see this answer -- which looks like this in the API: { "owner": { "user_id": 362168, "user_type": "registered", "display_name": "Saqueib" ...


The markdown code supposedly lives at the pagedown project on code.google.com. (Reference) You may also find these files to be useful: The commented, human readable version of wmd.js The commented, human readable version of full.js Personally, I find it easier to just use normal <textarea> processing followed by a call to ...


Tabbing out of the editor While tapping ctrl and then tab works well for tabbing out of the editor, i'd like to suggest an improvement. Unless the cursor is at the beginning of the line, it should tab out. Intending should only occur at the beginning of the line.

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