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There is no tutorial for the API, nor is there likely to be one -- at least officially. There is a "Hello World" introduction. To use the current API (version 2.1), you really only need to know/do: How to make an HTTP GET request, in the language of your choice. There are also various user-supplied libraries in .net, PHP, Python, etc. to help with this. ...


Are they moved to filters? Yes, you need to generate a filter that includes the question.body, question.comments, and question.answers fields. There are shorthand filters (i.e. _bca) that will do this for upgrade compatibility, but their use is discouraged and you're better off just making a filter that contains exactly what you want anyway.


The console JS was doing fuzzy matching on ?site; but that's not really correct, as you demonstrated. With the latest deploy it does an exact match if possible.


There doesn't seem to be a place that describes the policy. That API-object, documentation page would be perfect for it. However, a lead Stack Exchange developer has stated that anything that reveals voting patterns will be hidden or private. Another Stack Exchange employee explains how user deletions and post deletions are kept private-ish, but ...


This was fixed in the latest deploy.


The inname parameter restricts the results of a name search to only those that contain the specified substring. The following methods support it: /badges /badges/name /badges/tags /users /tags /tags/required /tags/moderator-only filtering on badge, user, or tag names, as applicable.

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