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It's mentioned under the Safety section of the filters documentation that by default all response data can be safely inserted into HTML, which is why the data is pre-escaped in this case. You can try creating an unsafe filter using the unsafe parameter to use if you wish to avoid this conversion.


See "How do comment @replies work?" and "@Peter works for Péter Török?". Comment replies will often work with unicode. EG: Péter Török can be reached by both @Peter and @Péter. These are the documented rules (Not checked against latest source) for converting user display_name to comment-reply @names: Remove any spaces. Single quotes, dots, dashes and ...


This is because the user hasn't specified a username on those sites yet. The name you see on SuperUser, for example, is somehow derived from his/her OpenID.


Yeah, display_name really should have been set there. Suspect its a hold-over from when we inferred anonymous names, but regardless its been fixed now.

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