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Yes, that bug is annoying, especially since specifying a todate that's before the fromdate returns a valid result set, EG: { "items": [], "has_more": false, "quota_max": 10000, "quota_remaining": 9995 } -- rather than an error. Having the dates be equal is theoretically possible. Having negative time is impossible (in this context). However, ...


The date is in "Unix epoch time", as described in the API-docs, Date Formats section. How you do the conversion depends on what language you are coding in. Here's one way in javascript: function unixEpochTime_TO_Date_DDMMYY (unixEpochTime, returnUTC) { var year, month, day; var dateObj = new Date (unixEpochTime * 1000); if (returnUTC) { ...


No, money.stackexchange is the first site seeded with the content of an older, SE 1.0 site. Accordingly, some of the content is "older" than the site itself, as are some of its users. In this case, BasicallyMoney (now redirects to money.stackexchange). There's a post about it.


A work around for this would be to check the creation_date of /users/1.

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