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My experience with the October and November 2010 data dumps importing to MSSQL. The latest data dump requires that you do a couple of things in order to use this. Rename the folders. The format of the folder needs to be MMYYYY Schema. So, for the Web Apps data dump, I have 2 folders, 112010 WA and 112010 MWA. The database tables will be <database&...


If there is enough interest, I will do the work to get this to compile and run on Mono for the LAMP folks. update: I see a little interest. I am currently focusing my free time, free as in beer as I am currently without job (hint, big freakin hint), on polishing and it's offerings. A bit more interest and I will carve out a day to make ...


Very nice. Any chance of sharing the source for this?


Very useful tool and very well programmed. However, it doesn't work with latest Aug-2012 data dump. Probably XML schema of dumped data changed from previous version, and now for questions and answers without views, the value for the attribute ViewCount is an empty string. That cause the error mentioned by others in this post "Input string was not in a ...


can anyone please explain HOW the source directories should be arranged, I have the stack-overflow xml dump (users.xml , posts.xml , votes.xml) inside a directory , I select it as the source directory , but can't get them imported , it tells me "Invalid source path." and also the sites list is empty!


There is an issue with a case sensitivity of table names within SQL generated for MySQL. Table creation statements use lower case names of tables and insert statements use mixed case names so the importer cannot work with a MySQL database on Linux. Is there a way to make it work with MySQL on a Unix platform?


Yes, the user is no longer an active member of Stack Overflow. You can find more information on this page in the API docs: This affects "shallow user" fields most frequently. For example, this question's owner has been deleted (a very rare occurrence). An API query for that question returns no user accordingly.


The case sensitivity in the error message turns out to be the culprit. I had to disable case sensitive table names in MySQL on a linux host. In the my.cnf, add lower_case_table_names = 1. Restart MySQL. This bypasses the case sensitivity of the underlying file system for storing the MySQL data. I was on the right track by trying to maually create the ...


Additionally, if you need to import a data-dump to PostGreSQL (or MS-SQL), this will help: It's very efficient with memory consumption, it uses the original schema, it checks the data (serialization to type - exception if invalid), and it works on Linux/Mono, too. You could also add Firebird ...


association_id appears in the returns of /users/{ids} for user's who have existing associations. For example: ... more ... " up_vote_count": 871, "down_vote_count": 48, "accept_rate": 82, "association_id": "f403b833-81b1-421c-96e6-ede6e9efb3c4", "user_questions_url": "/users/80572/questions", "user_answers_url": "/users/80572/answers", "...


This app can help you in some way. Create some pdf's on the topics you're interested in and off you go.

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