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There will be some lead time on the 0.9 -> 1.0 transition, and after that transition the contest end date will be publicized*. There will be at least 1 week between the announcement of the end date, and the end date itself. *Not necessarily immediately after, but the important part is not before.


You can use a third-party wrapper without penalty. I'd even say its encouraged, as using a wrapper gives its author valuable feedback.


If your [app] isn't available at the end of the day tomorrow, its not getting considered. The cutoff is the start of "the first week of August," so you have (roughly) until its August 1st or later across the entire Earth.


Your app must work against the final, 1.0 released version of the API. We’ll give you at least week’s notice here on the blog when that’s closer to happening. That was from the blog post announcing the contest. So it looks like we'll get about a week's notice :)


Yeah, it seems that the group of actual developers is pretty small, considering, and seem to be very frugal with votes, as if showing approval with a vote is going to lower their standing. The thing that needs to be realized is that votes are not the winning criteria. The subjective evaluation of the borg is what ultimately determines the winner. So, an ...


Its far to early to even speculate as to how v2 of the API will be released, or as to any of the fanfare surrounding it.


Yes, there will be some sort of indication. If nothing else, we'll probably use version 0.9 as a "nothing but bug fixes"/release-candidate-ish phase.


6 - 8 weeks source of metrics


Pulled a list of users sorted by upvotes cast in case anyone was wondering. Used StackWrap4J. Code: List<User> allUsers = new UsersList( new StackWrapper(""), new UserQuery() ); Collections.sort(allUsers, new Comparator<User>() { public int compare(User o1, User o2) { return -1 *(o1.getUpVotes() - ...


Don't forget that some of the so-called "older apps" were in development even before the contest started. Such was the case with StackMobile, StackApplet, so++, and SOwhat. And alot of the older apps have had plenty of time for improvements and modifications, so they probably deserve the votes they have. Having said that, I only released StackCenter 7 or 8 ...

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