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See "How do comment @replies work?" and "@Peter works for Péter Török?". Comment replies will often work with unicode. EG: Péter Török can be reached by both @Peter and @Péter. These are the documented rules (Not checked against latest source) for converting user display_name to comment-reply @names: Remove any spaces. Single quotes, dots, dashes and ...


I created another version of the script modifying: Shift + Enter submits the comment. Changed @includes for @matches using another domain pattern. Used another script injection technique. Tried to solve instances where the script would produce an error wrapping the block where the error occurs within a try{} catch(){}. Then I discovered that adding a ...


I've made a couple of fixes to make this work again. While I don't fork and ask for a merge, here it is a copy of my script for convenience, the modifications are indicated with comments. The matches of sites has been revised as well. // ==UserScript== // @name stackoverflow-comment-reply // @namespace stackapps // @description Add ...


feature-request status-completed (v1.0.1): metadata referring to the post being commented on For example, $SITENAME: the name of the current site (ex. Stack Apps) $SITEURL: the URL of the current site (ex. stackapps.com) $USERNAME: the owner of the post being commented on

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