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Good thing you didn't put a space in the name:


have you thought of adding User Association from StackAuth? I added it to my copy as a class method to SKSite, not sure if it follows the design pattern but it works. Also it doesn't return complete SKUser objects, because stackauth itself doesn't and fetch the complete user object from each site isn't feasible.


Is this project still under development?


Hi Dave, I'm using StakKit and love it, but when I tried to include it in managed objective-c project I get following message objc[2411]: '/Library/Frameworks/StackKit.framework/Versions/A/StackKit' was not compiled with -fobjc-gc or -fobjc-gc-only, but the application requires GC I tried to compile the source with GC supported but it wasn't ...


I tried to compile the iphone static library,but it failed in SKFunctions.h on line 41 NSString * SKExtractVector(id value, SKExtractor extractor); with the error: Expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'SKExtractor' (i'm trying to use it in an iOS 3.2 app btw)

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