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BUG: this script desperately wants me to downvote, what to do? warning:troll answer.


feature-request Is it possible to view vote counts on Area51 proposal questions? It would be helpful to see where the followers are being stingy with each other, and then open a question to discuss it.


You're abusing a browser action button. If you want to have an option page, just define it in your manifest as an option page. What you have now is an option page hidden behind a browser action button... :S Try updating the css live. Not sure how your code works, but it makes it far easier to understand what various features do and if you're properly saving ...


bug status-completed The interface doesn't close when pressing on the "give explicit write access", which is inconsistent with the behavior of the other buttons upon being pressed. It is also not clear if this worked or not, as there is no feedback and you need to go into the rooms info to make sure it indeed worked


I tried the extension now for a few days and generally I did not have experienced any failures (+1). When I enter a MathJax heavy chatroom I might not want all the code to be rendered immediately (it can be a bit annoying). Sometimes I just want to leave a short message and go my merry way again. I don't need the code to be rendered then. I'd like to have ...


feature-request: StackOverflow Documentation votes

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible