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Bug Report (status-completed) Go to a tag page, for example this one. You will see a question, such as this: Find the vote and answer count on the left. Click the vote count. You will then get a message in the error console that says Post ID not found! Please report this at http://stackapps.com/q/3082/9699 So now I'm reporting it.


StackEye v2.0 brings another great feature viz Follow users on all StackExchange sites. Just go to the profile page of the user and click Follow and there you go. All the Jon Skeet's fans, this feature is for you. Follow him and get informed of all the posts made by him. Keep learning from his great answers and questions. There are too many experts out ...


Doesn't work in Linux. Yep, just as the title says, this extension is absolutely, 100% non-functioning on Linux. After installing, I clicked on its icon, signed in, and saw this success message: Congratulations, you've been successfully authenticated. Enjoy Stack Exchange Notifier! Stack Exchange Notifier authorized! ...but the icon still has ...

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