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2 ideas for drastically simplifying some command inputs: A bare command such as /edit or /delete should assume "the last message I sent". Note that it will not necessarily be the highest id, because that could be one of another user. Alternatively, if that implementation is too hard, avoiding the id number when the intent is obvious is still a nice idea, ...


For anyone interested in running this apps mobile chat interface on your desktop (as in a sidebar chat window with reply support!) the author has responded in record time to my request and provided a userscript version!


Version 3.1 is available today. New improvements include: A configuration option that will allow you to mark unread items as read when you open your inbox. (This is implemented by loading the inbox in the background and ignoring the result) The "inbox item body" is now shown alongside the title of the post. Some small CSS fixes.


Its too early to call this, as the chat system is still evolving. However, exposing the inbox is planned and since some chat events are published to the inbox there will be at least some exposure of chat events.


This "answer" relates to version 5a which has been superseded since. This is a minimal failing example: // ==UserScript== // @name Test // @namespace . // @description Test userscript. // @require http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.7.1.min.js // @require http://josh.gitlin.name/userscripts/ThirdPlace.js // @include ...


feature-request Also support pasting an image from the clipboard. Thank you for this, this is awesome. But if you also add the paste feature that imgur has (it also works on Stack Exchange posts, hit the "insert image" icon and Ctrl+V), I will worship you1. 1: For very specific definitions of "worship." Offer void on weekdays or days that start with "S." ...


Here are a litany of Github attempts, from new to old: cabbage.js rebolbot.r3 soirc.py soxmpp.rb stackChat.py


I think there is a bug: I was trying out the Clipboard feature, but I don't seem to be able to Delete/Paste items from the clipboard. If I try to delete an item, it always comes back if I click again on the "clipboard" button. and if I click Paste, nothing happens. I'm using Firefox 37.0.1 and Windows 7. In case it matters: I installed the following ...

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