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There are two, rather divergent, answers to this question. First and foremost, its not in the API because nobody (us included, woops!) thought of it before the API interface was frozen... so it didn't get implemented, even as a trial feature. Perhaps we'll revisit it for a subsequent version. Alright, onto the real meat of the issue. Headers (...


Perhaps I can offer an opinion on cacheability of the API. Please don't downvote before reading through. Caching is hard Caching and cache invalidation is hard. Often, if not always, you need to intimately know the data to be able to cache it effectively. In order to enable a generic Etag caching ability the server will need to execute the request and ...


The comments are more or less correct; caching applies to the /events endpoint just like every other method. This is by design for now. We have looked at differing caching policies for /events and /inbox/* routes, as the minute lag on those methods is a bit heavy handed; though we still need to protect ourselves from abusive requests.


I have been working on another API recently so I may be a bit dull but my first impression is that the path of least resistance is to pull your question(s) with answers and comments disregarding activity/creation filter (use max page size) compare last activity date of the question. this will include new answers and edits on both the question and answers -...


There seem to be 2 or 3 effects, the biggest is that the Tags page also shows Synonyms. There may also be a small cache effect, but there seems to be another discrepancy as well, possibly an error/bug. You can see that the Tags page also shows Synonyms by: Go to the Tags page. Enter userscr in the Type to find tags: box. You will see something like: ...


Activity is defined as, "whatever the site considers Activity." Yeah... More usefully, the current list is: edits (on the post themselves, and on an answer a question owns) opening a bounty a new answer initial creation Basically, if it "bumps" a question its activity.

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