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I faced the same issue when i was using the stack exchange API to post a message to stack overflow website. I figured I had to post my application on a domain name .I hosted my application on free domain provided by 000webhost.com .You may wish to take a similar approach . After deploying the application on the domain , change the oauth domain and the ...


If the code tags are <pre>s, then \n is fine. Pre means "preformatted;" it makes the browser ignore the usual rules and preserve whitespace, etc. Repeat after me: "There is no such thing as a special character." Html is perfectly happy to receive UTF-8.


Yes, that bug is annoying, especially since specifying a todate that's before the fromdate returns a valid result set, EG: { "items": [], "has_more": false, "quota_max": 10000, "quota_remaining": 9995 } -- rather than an error. Having the dates be equal is theoretically possible. Having negative time is impossible (in this context). However, ...

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