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The console JS was doing fuzzy matching on ?site; but that's not really correct, as you demonstrated. With the latest deploy it does an exact match if possible.


This was fixed in the latest deploy.


Annoyingly, the problem was here: (url-request-method "post"). Changing that to (url-request-method "POST") fixes everything.


The /search/excerpts route looks to be about as good as /search and it does return both questions and answers, and it does have an answers parameter. This route is "★ All new! For version 2.2! ★"


The inname parameter restricts the results of a name search to only those that contain the specified substring. The following methods support it: /badges /badges/name /badges/tags /users /tags /tags/required /tags/moderator-only filtering on badge, user, or tag names, as applicable.

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