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Bug Report (status-completed) Go to a tag page, for example this one. You will see a question, such as this: Find the vote and answer count on the left. Click the vote count. You will then get a message in the error console that says Post ID not found! Please report this at So now I'm reporting it.


Very cool stuff! I'm going to be using it personally. Thanks for the hack! If there will be another version, here's what I hope will be in there (minor things, not really necessary): Layout of + and - votes looks more like the layout of what's shown to 1000+ rep members (slight css change) Making this into a Firefox plugin or a Chrome extension so it does ...


Bug report (status-completed) It doesn't work for the new Stack Overflow em Português. The following @match entries in the script: // @match* // @match* // @match* // @match


feature-request Is it possible to view vote counts on Area51 proposal questions? It would be helpful to see where the followers are being stingy with each other, and then open a question to discuss it.


Feature Request Can we get a setting to show the counts automatically without clicking?

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