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You can't access Area51 through the API. And even if you could, there is no write access in the current API version.


No, it currently does not. This has been discussed before, and if you really think it needs to be included in the API, you can vote for my feature-request here.


This is because area51 doesn't have an API. It's not a traditional stack exchange site and runs differently.


No, Area51 isn't in the API; it's different enough from the Q&A sites that it'd have to have a rather different one anyway. There are currently no plans to make an Area51 API either.


To be honest I'll never need this but it uses jQuery so it must be awesome. Good Job!


The discuss.area51 site is technically a meta with a non-standard parent. That's really really weird, and I'm 100% certain there are [app]s out there that will break if we start returning a state: linked_meta site that has no parent. That the API works against discuss.area51 is not guaranteed in the future either, we're not going to drop any ban hammers or ...

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