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Remember, you should only publicize your app if it can actually be used! I'm working on an idea for an app. In true "customer development" fashion, I'd like to publish the idea, with a screenshot of what it will look like, to see what kind of reaction it gets and what features people want it to have. It's not difficult to implement, but I'd rather not ...


A library should take an app key, not have an app key. Don't register it. Also, make absolutely sure your wrapper demands an app key at initialization. You don't want a user locked into the No Key request limit erroneously. If libraries had keys an application abusively using your library (through no fault of yours) could get every application that uses ...


Do you mean to say how do I use this stuff? You can find the documentation here or there's a Get Started section at the right of this page. For example if you want to see a list of users you could send a web request to and parse then JSON response. Now if you want to find out details about a particular user lets say ...


Sure! There are plenty of apps that are not websites.


Historical Note StackList is no longer available - the features that made it an attractive supplement to listing your app here have found their way into Stack Apps itself. This answer remains for historical purposes. Don't forget to also publish your app on (404 Not Found) The site is shaping into a nice user-...


It is acceptable, so long as it is usable in some form. What we object to is people listing an app that exists only in their imagination and not reality. That's not helping people looking for, y'know, actual apps that run on our API...


That's 5 unique visitors since the key was registered. You've never run tests or prototypes from not-the-production-server?


I'm willing to volunteer for the Beta. An iPad app for StackExchange is most definitely needed.


I have a feeling that Apple will slap you on the wrist with this design/block your submission, due to your site navbar looking identically to the home bar introduced in 4.2 (for the iPad anyways).


Not sure if the beta is still open, but I would be willing to test this out. Dying for a nice SE app.


Please consider me available for test as well.


I'd be most interested in beta testing iStack.

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