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Here is a small script (stackprinter) which uses Stack Printer from the command-line: #!/bin/sh type wkhtmltopdf || { echo >&2 "wkhtmltopdf command is required. Aborting."; exit 1; } : ${1?"Usage: $0 (url)"} URL=$1 && shift HOST=$(echo $URL | egrep -o "([.[:alnum:]]*?)\.(com|net|org)" | head -c-5) QID=$(echo $URL | grep -o "\d.*/" | head ...


Stuck at "add a new account" with v.1.5.2, Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit After a long break (due to unsolved problems) I tried using this applet again today following the up-to-date installation procedures (basically using the latest PPA and remembering to check that python-appindicator is installed) but unfortunately this time I couldn't even start logging into my ...


It seems that the HTML entities are escaped, in the results. Can this be fixed?


I tried to log-in but Google says that there is a new OpenId standard as: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6206245?p=openid&rd=1#survey=true Please fix! Thanks

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