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This seems to have been silently/magically fixed in the last 7 months (Date of Nicos Karalis' comment). Descriptions seem correct now. I had verified that they weren't correct when I upvoted this question on Apr 29 '14. Side note: It's not documented, but apparently tag-based badges are not listed unless they have been awarded at least once. Take a ...


Although this can be annoying or confusing, there is no bug. Take a look at your Stack Exchange accounts page. Currently it shows: (Click for larger image) 10 questions, here on Stack Apps, and 1 question on Stack Overflow. Those are the same numbers currently reported for you by /users/{ids}/associated. Both sets of numbers are currently stale (You ...


It sounds like you've either got a bug which is in fact making more requests than you think it is, or you're on a network where there's some other source of high-frequency requests. You're not supposed to have to deal with this situation in general, because this isn't an API error - it's an error from the load balancer because your IP is generating incoming ...


The authentication process is described in the API docs: http://api.stackexchange.com/docs/authentication.

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