ChatSEy - An Android App for SE Chat

Completely overhauled styles, including default and dark themes Reply to, star and flag messages Slide-out Sidebar for easy menu/star list access Tweaks to make typing easier (including Return -> S…

v1.0.1, fredley

Chatdump - a site monitor

Dump activity from a site into a chatroom. Configurable as to what to dump and with what conditions. Github repo

RebolBot - a chat bot for the chat rooms

RebolBot is a helpful little robot that will take natural English commands to do your bidding in chat rooms

v0.0.33, Graham Chiu

ChatBot, a bot. For the chat

Lurks in the shadows of the chat. It executes commands at the request of the user, sending messages as the user who runs it. You can talk to it in this preview page. In the chat, it is usually ava…

v0.0.0, Zirak

FlackBot - Making Conversation in the Chat Rooms

FlackBot (whose name was inspired by this app) is a chat bot for the Stack Exchange network of chat sites. It currently hangs out in the Sandbox but it it designed for the Ask Ubuntu General Room. …