StacMan - .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

StacMan is a .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

ExchangeLinq: LINQ Query Provider for Stack Exchange API v2.0

ExchangeLinq is a LINQ Query Provider for the Stack Exchange API. It only supports API v2.0. It is currently in alpha state and is being developed for Exchange It, a Stack Exchange client for Windo…

BridgeStack — .NET client library with full 2.0 support

This is a StackExchange API v2.0 consumer library written under C#. It is heavily documented and designed to make it as easy as possible to interact with the API.

Mobile Exchange Library for .NET Compact Framework

Since the .NET Compact Framework is always lagging behind in terms of what is implemented, and what is not implemented, I made a .NET library for the Stack Exchange API specifically made for the .N…

Stacky - A .NET client library (Full support for API v2.0)

Stacky is a .NET client library for the Stack Apps API. It is a simple library and to supports a variety of platforms such as Silverlight and Windows Phone 7, .NET 4 and .NET 3.5. License MSPL D…